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    Photos in Parent folder but not in subfolders

    cielo4 Level 1

      I am making my first earnest attempt at organizing my photos. I am one of those unfortunate ones who got shafted by Apple after using Aperture since its inception. Needless to say, I have a lot of pictures that are in limbo. Time to get them organized into LR.


      I am organizing by geography as a parent folder. Then I am using subfolders to further differentiate events and locations within that region. I have been dragging folders as a whole into a parent location to create a subfolder.


      Things were going well until I realized in one parent folder, I have 1253 pictures. The total number of pictures in the subfolders is 679. Therefore, I somehow managed during a drag/drop (or two) to put pictures into the parent folder, even though I made an attempt to organize into subfolders. Not really sure how I managed to be so clever, but I suppose it doesn't really matter at this point, does it? The deed is done.


      How can I determine the pictures located in the parent folder, that are not contained in one of the subfolders? Is there a simple method to "display those not in a subfolder"?



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          Jim Wilde Adobe Community Professional

          Yes. In the Library module, go to the Library menu item and uncheck "Show Photos in Subfolders". Now any parent folder that has no photos in the actual folder (i.e. they're all in sub-folders) will show a 0 photo count. So the parent folder that you think has a lot of photos in it will show that number. Select that parent and ONLY the photos in the root of that parent will be displayed in the grid, so you can then drag and drop them into the correct sub-folders.