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    Photoshop playback issue




      System configuration

      Hard disk-Samsung evo 9601TB SSD  m.2 (read speed of 3200 megabyte/s)

      RAM-64 GB

      Processor-AMD ryzen threadripper 1920 12-core processor@3.50 ghz

      O.S- windows 10

      graphics card-Rx vega 64


      Eventhough we are using a such high configuration sytem ,the playback speed is very low as 4fps while playing a 2k file.

      Please do provide solution for this problem as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.

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          davescm Adobe Community Professional

          Photoshop is primarily a pixel editor not a video editor.


          You will probably get faster playback on the second/third pass as the first pass is used to render the preview and the second should fill in any gaps. You will see the green bar above the timeline fill in as the render is completed



          You can adjust the preview resolution - lowering it should allow faster playback



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            shankarn2928706 Level 1

            We are not editing our footage, we do some cleanups with Photoshop.

            We will be dealing with Image sequence of 4k res in exr formats. Even though we are using a higher end Workstation. We are getting some rough feedback or response from the tools. We have tweaked lots of performance setting including cache and Scratch disk. Is there any other way of getting a better preview and of-course a better frame rate. Is there any solution relevant to real time effects, kind of home supported effects with Premiere.