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    Help with script for Pop-Up Message - Acrobat Form

    benadamsphoto Level 1

      Hi All - first post here on the Adobe forums, hopefully someone cleverer than I can help!


      I’m designing a PDF form for electronic completion.


      The client needs a pop up message to appear if particular choices are made from two drop-down menu fields, for arguments sake lets call them Field1 and Field2.


      I‘ve nearly manged to get this working nicely using a run JAVA script action upon exit/blur from Field2, however I only know how to trigger the pop-up message based on the entry value of Field2 - see an example of the code I have running now below;


      if (getField"Field2").value=="1")  app.alert({ cMsg: "Dialogue message here", cTitle: "Message Window Title Here", nIcon: 3,  nType: 0 });


      However, I don’t know how to write the script to include the condition of Field1, effectively saying ‘if (getField"Field1").value=="1") AND if (getField"Field2").value=="1") THEN run the app alert’ - if that makes sense!


      Is anyone able to help?


      Many thanks in advance!