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    Adobe Draw crashes.


      The problem is Draw crashes on opening, hence it is not possible to access any of the work on the account.

      I have reloaded the app. to no avail.

      I have installed it on another iPad to no avail. Although it did allow me access long enough to delete the last project in case  that was the issue.

      ( it wasn’t ) then it crashed.

      I have another account which works perfectly.

      I don’t have any problems with any other Adobe apps such as Capture.

      Thanks Steve.

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Steve.


          Sorry Draw's crashing. I'm actually starting to hear this frequently....


          Although you wouldn't be having any problems with the Capture app, are you using Capture CC for shapes/graphics capture?


          If you are using it, please sign in to https://assets2.adobe.com/assets/libraries with your Adobe ID and tell me how many Capture shapes you have in any SINGLE Capture library.


          Let me know.



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            stevevharlow Level 1

            Hi Sue

            Thank you for your reply, yes I am using Capture for graphic/ shape capture.

            The largest single library has 109 shapes in it.

            Regards Steve.

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              Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

              Hi Steve.


              OK. That's what I expected. I've been posting these instructions in a lot of places so the word will hopefully get out about what's going on and how to fix it until a fix is implemented in Draw. Here's what's going on:


              Because of the way Draw loads Capture shapes/graphics, Capture libraries with a lot of shapes in them are crashing the app. The Draw team is working on a fix but for now there's a workaround. The shapes/graphics don't have to be deleted but they do have to be "spread out" among multiple libraries.  Instead of having all 110 of them in single library they must be moved into about four separate libraries. It's a bit time consuming to move them but easy to do.


              Here's what to do (it's easier on a laptop/desktop computer but it can be done on your iPad)

              * Go to https://assets.adobe.com/assets/libraries

              * Tap on the library with your shapes (this is when you'll see the list you posted above); the screen it opens on will show all of that libraries assets

              * Each asset has a small pulldown triangle in the lower right corner. Click on that.

              * From the menu that opens choose either Archive (if you no longer want the shape) or Move (to move the shape to a new library)

              * After clicking on Move, a new menu will open with the ability to drop the shape into an existing library or to create a new one.


              You'll want to create about 3 or 4 additional libraries (each with about 20 to 25 shapes). You only have to be concerned with shapes. No other Capture assets are problematic.


              This will resolve the crashing you're experiencing. Let me know if you have ANY trouble moving assets or ANY questions. And let me know how it goes.



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                stevevharlow Level 1

                Hi Sue

                That all worked well.

                Thank you very much, I wouldn’t have considered the issue being due to management of images in Capture.

                Regards Steve.

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                  Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

                  Great Steve.


                  Thanks for letting me know.


                  Glad it worked. It is a weird one. And I believe it's scheduled to be fixed in the next update. In the meantime, just keep the shapes in Capture to around 25 or so and you'll be okay.