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    Font Change Frozen

    christianmelchior Level 1

      This has been a problem for me that I have worked around for quite a while now. After working on a web project it only takes so long before I can't seem to change my font to the desired option. I hover over the desired option and even click on it and nothing appears. I have to quit Muse and open it up again in order for the text options to work properly again.


      Is anyone else experiencing this?

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          Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

          No, I didn’t experience such a behaviour up to now.

          What I would do in first place, in such a case:

          • Remove all web fonts/self hosted font within Muse.
          • Clear your machine’s font caches.
            • The simplest way to do this on a Mac (Windows? - no idea, this should be answered bay a Windows user):
            • Switch off your Mac.
            • Start it again, while pressing the „Shift“ key, when you hear the startup chime. Keep the Shift key pressed, until you realise a very slow startup behaviour (this is normal).
            • Now your Mac starts into „Safe Mode“ and clears all caches, inclusive font caches.
            • When start up is finished, restart your Mac again, launch Muse, and look, if your font issue persists.
          • If this doesn’t help, I’d uninstall and reinstall Muse using the CC Desktop application. Dont forget to delete the preference during uninstall, what is offered by the uninstaller:


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            christianmelchior Level 1

            Thanks for the quick response Gunther. I will have to try shutting my Mac down and entering Safe Mode.


            I just purchased a new iMac and am experiencing this issue within Muse. I have also been experiencing the same issue on my Macbook for the past year with Muse and often have to quit the program and open it back up in order to obtain proper font selection characteristics.