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    adobe muse CC : change text color on text over a Composition widgets


      Hello everybody.


      I have a page where some text (on master page) is in front a composition widget.

      The color of the text is black

      The composition fill the whole page. Some images displayed are globally dark so it's not easy read the text above the image.

      Is it a way to change the color attribute only when some images of the composition are displayed? I thinck there could be a way to code intercept the composition and then change css of the text so i can make white the text over a dark image...


      i know that i can put the same text over each image of the composition and then change the color, but only one text on master page seams more clean....





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          Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

          No chance to do this within Muse.

          I even think, you hardly find a coder who is able (and willing) to do this. (sampling the colour of a specific area of an image and change the text colour above might be done by „extreme coding“, but there certainly will be a speed issue, and: What do you think, how many customes will need this?

          There are so many ways to ensure the necessary contrast to the background (underlying, semitransparent colour, outer glow applied to text, …, …, that, as I personally think, there is no need at all for such a widget.