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    Change canvas size won't record properly as an action




      I'm trying to create an action that allows me to crop several images to a specific pixel ratio at once (1200x627). I was able to do this on the 2016 version of Photoshop with no problem, but the 2018 version of the software won't let me do it for some reason, and I assume I'm doing something wrong...


      The action goes like this:


      Duplicate background layer

      Image > Image size: change width to 1200 pixels (with linked pixel width and height)

      Image > Canvas size: change height to 627 pixels (with the relative box unchecked)


      Every time I record the custom action, it records the canvas size change as a random (usually enormous) value in inches. I have my units and rulers preferences set to pixels, so that's not the issue.


      Any thoughts on how to fix this frustrating problem and save me hours and hours of clicking through the same process every week?