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    Checked tons of other solutions. Error 0xc000007b when starting CC 2018.


      I have been running CC 2014 to 2017 now with no issues at all. Today, I update Photoshop to 2018 and after installation done I try to start it and I end up with an "Application Error" 0xc000007b. No other information given. I did reset my windows between when Photoshop worked and when it ceased to function and throw this error. I have followed many other threads about this issue and attempted the following fixes:


      1. Running sfc /scannow in command line. No results. Did not fix.


      2. Uninstalling then reinstalling Visual C++ 2005 to 2017, both 32 and 64 bit. Did not fix.


      3. Uninstalling then reinstalling .NET Framework 4.5. Did not fix.


      4. Running the "repair" function on all of the above software packages. Did not fix.


      5. Uninstalling then reinstalling Photoshop after every "fix" listed above. Did not fix.


      What do I need to do in order to get Photoshop running again?