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    Get a refund for an accident.


      Hi, I was checking the different stock products with no real intentions of purchasing anything, I just wanted to see the prices but actually ended up buying one of the products (the n° of the order is ADB001298443FR, for 23,99€, the item is Item# 65272916). The thing is I had no money on my PayPal account so it automatically took the money from the backup account (which is not mine's but my sister's). Is it possible to get a refund? (I'm not interested in getting a credit/token back).


      Best regards,


      Ferhat M.


      (your help would be precious, thank you for everything!)

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          Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

          Hi there,


          I apologize for the trouble you had faced with navigating the Adobe Stock website.


          I understand that you accidentally licensed the image# 178991206 which is a premium asset.

          Since there is no way to undo this action, I would request you to Contact Customer Care for the refund and cancellation queries.


          Feel free to update the thread in case of any further questions.




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            ferhatm Level 1

            Hi! Thank you for your answer!


            I did it the same day you told me to do so, they told me that my case would be worked on and I would eventually get a refund in the next two days (we were the 9th). Today we're the 13th and not only have I not received the refund, I was also charged for the exact SAME product once again, which means that I paid 48 euros for no reason.


            I am so desperate, I can't even contact them through their chat anymore, I don't know why. Please help me!





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              Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

              Hi there,


              I have checked the case details and your interaction with support.


              I have escalated the case to the concerned team; they will be reviewing the issue and updating you asap.


              Appreciate your patience!




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