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    URLloader progress event

      I want to show the progress but not when it is downloading the response... but also while it is UPLOADING/SENDING the request (Because I send long requests)

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          anirudhs Level 2

          Only when using FileReference.upload(), you will get "progress" events from the flash player which you can use to track the progress of your request. That means, only during File Upload, you will be able to track how many bytes have been uploaded.

          In all other cases, you just get to know if sending your request has completed or not (by listening to the open event).

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            Hi again;

            Anybody knows if this class has improved to solve my problem?? Or is there any alternative way to send a multi-part form?
            (The last time I read the SDK, there wasn't any way to send a "multipart form".that's why I actually use this class to send a multiform as data)