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    Loupe view grey for several seconds during quick triage


      I have searched...but this is a hard one to find the right keywords for.


      I'm on a reasonably quick MacBook Pro. Photos on external hard drive. More specs if you need them.


      I take a lot of photos and I triage them regularly in loupe view flagging the ones I want to come back to later.


      I recently turned smart previews on because I was tired of waiting for the image to de-pixelate while I was quickly tapping through them.


      Unfortunately, every so often (sometimes every 5-7 images) the screen turns grey for a few seconds:


      Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 8.39.16 PM.png

      This is annoying from a efficiency standpoint. Its also annoying because the UI keeps accepting input while it is grey. If I dont stop tapping fast enough, I might cycle through several images and have to figure out which image was grey so I dont miss any images.


      Anyone know if there is a setting that makes this work better? Some workaround or better way?