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    Animate CC Playback pauses on keyframes

    jecamartinez Level 1

      Hi everyone, I've just upgraded from CS6 to CC 2018 and noticed that when I play the timeline, the playhead pauses for a millisecond on each and every keyframe. It's quick but noticeable, and it makes it difficult for me to judge if the timing and motion are correct.


      Is this a bug? How can I resolve this?

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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I'm skeptical about whether you're able to notice a 1/1000th of a second pause! But that aside, CC 2018 has a bunch of new features in it, and it could well be that letting the timeline play through isn't as consistent as CS6. If you're animating something that you want to exactly match the audio that is going on, make sure you're using ActionScript 3 FLA, and not HTML 5 Canvas, and set the audio to be Stream sync and not Event sync. Then you can slowly scrub the timeline to check exact sync, and if you use the Enter key to play through the timeline, it will skip frames to make sure it keeps up with real time.