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    Deployment of Flex app to web and app server


      I'm working on putting a Flex front-end on an existing J2EE app which gets deployed as an ear file. The architecture consists of web server, app server and database server. Is the following approach to deployment possible / recommended?

      My Flex app will be deployed to the web server. The J2EE ear file will be deployed to the app server (Weblogic). BlazeDS will be bundled within the ear file as a war file. Remote Objects will be configured in my BlazeDS configuration files to enable me to access the code in my J2EE app. In the compiler options of my Flex app, I'll be setting the server root folder and server root URL to point to the BlazeDS war file on my app server.

      At present I'm at the stage where I can run my Flex app directly from Flex builder on my development PC and it's able to connect tto the J2EE app, which is running on the app server (Weblogic) also on my development PC. I can't find documentation explaining how to extend this to work on a multi-tier architecture.