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    Some tools in Lightroom classic don't respond properly




      I am experiencing some torubles in using some tools such as corrective brush (don't know if this is the right word to define this tool. I mean, the one that is meant for selecting specific image areas to edit), radial filter and graduated filter. What I mean is that when trying to select these tools to edit my photos' , most of the time I get an error message from Adobe (''develop mode is not responding'') and the tools get disabled. Sometimes the page crashes and I need to start a new session from scracth over again. I tried so many times to get in touch with the customer service of Adobe, but il looks like it's become impossible to chat or eather to call any of them. I feel a bit frustrated because I don't see any kiond of proper after-sale support provided by Adobe. Is there anyone who can kindly help me with this or at least advising me about a faster way to get in touch with them? through the site I am constantly deferred to the same page asking 'what is your problem?'. Thanks a lot in advance,.