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    Adobe Stock fraudulent charge - account fraud


      My problem started recently when I wanted to cancel my Adobe Stock Subscription. Firstly person on the support chat informed me that there is cancelation fee. Ok, probably I didn't noticed that... my fault, I was ready to stay with them for few more moths especially when I was offered 3 months free. So pretty much good deal (even if I thought that Its quite not fair that they're not informing clients strictly when we sign in). But suddenly I went to my bank account and noticed that adobe stock charged me 2 times in december 2017 for 29.99EUR. I asked support why... and then it all started. Here's part of chat transcription:


      Ewa B: Last Charge was today

        Ewa B: all of them was for 29.99 EUR

        Ewa B: There were 3 of them (9.12.2017, 18.12.2017 and 08.01.2018)

        Naveen: Thank you for the infroamtion.

        Ewa B: Why I was charged even if I signed up for 30 days free trial?

        Ewa B: Is it also something hidden in you terms?

        Naveen: No .

        Ewa B: I noticed I dont see this charge (from 18.12) in my adobe account

        Naveen: Yes I have checked with my resources you were charged for adobe stock and creative cloud student teacher plan

        Ewa B: What?

        Ewa B: I didn't ordered any cc student teacher plan!

        Ewa B: can you explain this to me?

        Naveen: It is under this email address.

        Ewa B: I dont know whose adress is it?

        Ewa B: Its a fraud?

        Ewa B: How come I dont see this in my account?

        Ewa B: My email adress asociated with my account is

        Naveen: you have the subscription of student teacher plan with this name.

        Ewa B: No I dont

        Ewa B: I don't know who  is

        Ewa B: And I don't see any subscription of this plan

        Ewa B: in my account

        Ewa B: Im not owner of this email adress

        Ewa B: that you gave me

        Ewa B: please solve this out because im really concerned right now

        Ewa B: Im afraid that somebody broke into my account

        Naveen: Ok sure I will go head and cancel your subscription for you and you have stock under


        Ewa B: WHAT?

        Ewa B: Its unbelievable

        Naveen: so as per the best resolution I will go head and cancel your subscription for you

        Naveen: I hope I am able to resolve your issue and you have only subscription under

        Ewa B: please delete all my subscriptions

        Ewa B: and give me money back

        Ewa B: You are taking fraudulent charges from my card

        Ewa B: And explain to me how did those people managed to do this?

        Ewa B: And how come I do not see this in my Adobe Account?

        Naveen: What best I can do for you is that I will go head and cancel your subscription and for you money please dispute the charges from your respective bank.

      Ewa B: I must call my bank

        Naveen: so shall I go head and apply 3 free months in your subscription under

        Ewa B: Are you kidding me?

        Ewa B: Somebody is taking charges from my card

        Ewa B: And plans from my account

        Ewa B: and is paying by my card

        Naveen: Ok sure , please consult your bank

        Naveen: As per the best resolution to your concern I will go head and cancel your subscription for you and you will get the cancellation email at your end.

        Ewa B: Yes do this


      It is pretty obvious that somebody broke into Your system and stole my card details - then bought subscriptions - the best thing is that I didn't even saw these plans in my Adobe Account - they were associated with different account & email adresses.

      I had to call my bank and block my credit card, also I made complaint for 2 transactions taken by Adobe.

      Now Ive got my card blocked, Im waiting for response from my bank about my complaint for these fraudulent charges ... sweet!

      Also I've got full transcription of chat if someone would be interested...


      One request for Adobe - just please for god sake secure your system better - it is unbelievable! It happened for me for the first time - Im always very careful when it comes to online payments. But this is nuts!