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    Problem with gradient banding in the newest version(s) of Photoshop CC

    MarekSzopinski Level 1

      I prepared a pattern of +/-2ev gray in the previous version of Photoshop. There is illustrotion of this:


      Exposure profile.jpg - Google Drive


      This pattern is in 16bit Lab color mode. Each of rectagles has very precisely calculated gray values and then refined with X-Rite devices on prints . Because the Photoshop didn't allow to enter decimals into the Lab color values, I created gradient at the top and then used eyedropper tool to select fractional values such as Lab(47.2, 0, 0). It worked perfectly. Today I need to print and refine this pattern again. What was my surprise when this pattern stopped to be editable with fractional precision in the newest version of Photoshop CC (2018). Eye dropper tool reads only integer values from gradient (1% accuracy). All of my work got useless. Please help, how to bring back linear gradients without 1% banding (I mean values eg L= 50.7, 51.2, 51.9 instead of L=50, 51, 52... )