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    HttpService: first invocation very slow

      Hi all,
      I searched the forums a bunch for this one but couldn't find anything. Here goes:

      I am using FlexBuilder 3.0 to write an app that uses HttpService to call pre-compiled JSPs on BEA WebLogic 8.1, running on my localhost. When I run my Flex app through the IDE, the very first HttpService call takes nearly a minute before it even reaches the server. Every subsequent call is very fast. The first invocation performance also seems to be slightly better when I run the app outside of FlexBuilder.

      As mentioned the JSPs are all precompiled. From this and the server logs I am nearly 100% positive the latency is not server-side. It's like there's some kind of built-in latency in the very first HTTP call made from the Flex client, at least when run via FlexBuilder. Note that I've tried this with both http.HttpService and http.mxml.HttpService - same results.

      Anyone encounter this and/or know how to fix it? It's making my development/test cycle extremely slow.