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    CC keeps uninstalling Photoshop


      Quite frequently, as I'm doing other things, creative cloud will pop up and ask me if I want to keep all of my settings, and that it my hinder performance or something, and when I click "yes" it then proceeds to uninstall Photoshop. I did a search, but the only topic I could find was that something else was removing photoshop, but that simply can't be so because you have to launch creative cloud and sign in to do anything. No other program can do this, not even windows. And I sat here and watched as creative cloud uninstalled Photoshop, forcing me to reinstall it. Again. Why does Creative Cloud keep uninstalling Photoshop?

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Sound more like malware to me.


          Installing a new version of Photoshop CC Adobe's installer will by default uninstall older versions of Photoshop you should use the advance install option and not let it do that.


          If some setting may effect you performance I could see Adobe  giving you an option to reset your photoshop preferences.  I can not think of any reason that Adobe could  have that creative cloud would remove photoshop from your system.


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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            There is a reset preferences option when starting Photoshop that will ask if you want to delete your preferences  and if you reply yes.  Photoshop will delete your settings and generate a new set of Adobe default preferences for your user ID.   It does not uninstall Photoshop.

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              BlueLeafy Level 1

              I don't even have photoshop open when it brings this up. I'm usually playing a game, or browsing the web when the creative cloud window itself pops up, asks me a question, and then says it's uninstalling Photoshop. Afterward, in order to use the program again, I have to install it.

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                BlueLeafy Level 1

                I have captured a video of creative cloud doing the thing.


                2018 01 09 17 10 21 - YouTube


                For the reference, this is my Windows 10 64 bit computer.


                It does this randomly. Just pops up, asks me that question, and uninstalls Photoshop. It did this again after I ended the video, except it was already uninstalled, so it did nothing but sit at 100% for a moment.