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    Failed install


      After over 2 hours on chat (an hour waiting, then a frustrating hour of failures) I still don't have PS CS3 installed. Yes, I have an old product, but I have it and I want to install it. Unfortunately, I lost the disk when our house was burgled 4 years ago. I got a link from chat to download two files - ADBESTDSCS3_ESD1_WWE.exe and STDSCS3_Cont_WWE.exe. I downloaded these and ran them. What they appear to do is just extract the files needs to a directory.


      In one directory I found a setup.exe and ran it (was from the 1.9Gb file so figured that should be it). Voila! Up pops the CS3 install window. I only own PS CS3 so deselected everything else and went through the install. The first time PS installed but, on starting it, it just hung at the main window and never fully opened. On the tech's advice I uninstalled and started over. This time it won't install at all. By this time I'd had enough - I only use it maybe once a month - so I asked about an upgrade to something that doesn't require a 4 year degree to install. He sent me here.


      Does anyone have any idea what may be happening, or what my upgrade choices might be?