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    LOCKED:"find the plan that's right for you." NONE ARE. What now?  A suggestion.


      Message to Adobe:


      That is a quote from the subscription page when I went to purchase Lightroom Classic CC.  That is all I need.  That is all I want.  That is all that I will every buy.


      The only thing I ever used Photoshop for was the clone-out unwanted features in an image.  I decided I can live without that years ago.


      I do not have any need for any of the online features of Lightroom CC.  I don't need what it does and how it does it.


      I can't help but notice the dramatic increase in price I'll have to pay to gain access to just Lightroom, annually.  With it, comes either the above additional applications, or an enormous amount of online storage, or a combination ... ALL THAT I DO NOT NEED.  But that I'm paying for in that price of subscription.  That I will refuse to pay.


      In the machine I recently built with a specific goal to run Lightroom quickly are...

      - a 9.1 TB 6 disk RAID-5

      - 2x 1TB NVME SSDs

      - 3x 3TB or greater external offline storage (more to come)


      I do not need your online storage.  I will not use your online storage.


      I subscribe to Smugmug for my online publishing needs.  I am happy with it.  And have no intention to leave them.


      I've been with Lightroom since version 2.x.  No licensing model of LR 7.x accommodates an infrequent armature photographer like I consider myself.  Your licensing model makes it so that version 6.14 will be the last I use.


      If you [Adobe] care to keep people like me giving you at least some $$$ in the future, please create a subscription for just LR Classic 7.x that has NO online storage, on the order of about $4.99 per month; discounted if prepaid.  It does not cost you a single thing if you do this. There is only upside! The alternative is you get $0.00 from me and many others like me.