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    PHOTOSHOP CC 2018 makes GPU Glitch

    guidos50720937 Level 1

      I was working today with the software and after using the FIeld Blur (in Blur Galley Filters)
      the screen started Glitching, with brief green glitches.
      i cloesed the software and reopened it and even on the loading screen it did the same.
      i got scared closed it and updated the GPU driver (there was an optinal update)

      i tried restarting the computer, i tried relauch the software (with again it does glitch everitime some thing on screen moves)
      I tried to lower to basic the GPU features.
      i't hard to make a screenshot of the problem cause it's very short and blinking.


      I thought of a GPU Fail but it's only a Photoshop problem, no other software  or games (I tried launching Fallout 4, Maya, and zbrush and they work flawlessly)have anything similar.

      no glitches.


      I'm now reinstalling PS and removed older pref.

      I'm Runnign Windows 10,
      the GPU is a RX 480 8GB
      Software is up to date







      This is getting boring


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