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    What happened to Adobe Ideas

    dsteve721 Level 1

      Adobe Ideas was great and had a few features that Adobe draw doesn’t for iPad Pro. You guys didn’t make an update for the app and now I can’t get my older artwork from the app. What’s up with this?

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          HI DSteve.


          We haven't supported or worked on or updated Adobe Ideas for over three years (there has been a notification in Adobe Ideas since that time) and, we know people loved it, but there won't be further updates to it. However, it's not your device that's the problem; it's the latest operating system.


          Although the app is no longer opening on your iPad, you should be able to recover your work with the following steps (I've heard from a number of people who've successfully recovered all their work):


          01 Back up your iPad to your desktop machine using iTunes.

          02 Browse to https://www.macroplant.com/iexplorer/tutorials/how-to-browse-backups-on-iphone on your desktop, and follow the directions there to get access to the backed up files. (Downloading and installing the iExplorer app on your desktop is one of the steps.)

          03 Export the folder associated with the Ideas app (which should show up as "App - com.adobe.ideas.ipad" in the iExplorer window), so you can access the files through your desktop file browser.

          04 In your desktop file browser, navigate to "App - com.adobe.ideas.ipad/Library/Private Documents/documents/sync/files."

          05 Take any of the .idea files in that directory that you want to retrieve and upload them to your Creative Cloud account, either through a web browser or through the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app.


          To import the .idea files back into Draw:

          01 Launch Draw. Open the settings panel and tap on "Import Ideas Files". Then, tap on the import option desired. You can either import all the .idea files or pick and choose which files to import.


          Hope this helps.



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