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    URGENT VAT issue


      Hello, I have a very urgent issue concering my VAT and ur invoices and i w8 hours in chat without being able to reach u. Same from phone, I cant call u from Greece, it says number has been changed and some weird instructions from automated machine. I cant find ur emails as well.
      I need to talk to the logistics department URGENTLY about my situation.


      How do i contact u?? If u post a telephone number, post it EXACTLY how i should call from GREECE. The number i found on ur website, is not working or something needs to be different or put in front or something.



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          DelphiZoa Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Thanulee,


          Sorry you're having such a frustrating experience trying to contact customer service. In the past, when I have connected to chat support, the wait has only been a few minutes. Do you have a stable internet connection? If so, did you try contacting chat using a different browser?


          I'm afraid I don't have specific instructions for calling from Greece. Adobe directs all contact requests through this form: Contact Customer Care. If you haven't already, run though the steps (Account issues > Payments, invoices, orders > Show me my contact options), to get to the recommended phone number and chat links.

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            thanulee Level 1

            Thanks, the number is not working though and the instructions from the voice machine are wrong. Its terrible that i have been through all those to get in touch with a company that a pay hunders of euros each year. I managed to get in chat contact (my internet is perfectly stable) and I had to talk with 4 different guys cause they barely understood my issue. It feels like they are robots and that they do not even understand basic english.


            After all those i still w8 for a response in my mail few days now. I havent encountered worst customer support in my life.