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    I can't run any of the CC programs, even CC itself.


      I tried downloading PS and AE trial versions but their respective installers said it couldn't complete the download and told me to retry, however I retried literally dozens of times and it didn't work. I then tried to download a direct installer (https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/383752414949408768/400362182363054100/unknown.png) and it sucessfuly installed the program, but when I tried to run it it told me Adobe Application Manager is missing or damaged. I then proceeded to download AAM installer and the installer after completing it's job told me AAM is corrupt and told me to retry. As you can guess by now, I retried and it didn't work. I then downloaded the Creative Cloud launcher to try and install the programs from it, but when it was finishing the Photoshop download, it presented me with the error code C1 which I couldn't find the meaning of. However, I did find out about the Adobe CC Cleaner Tool, I ran it only to find there were no mistakes whatsoever. Please help.