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    My credits  have disappeared


      Good Morning:


      I write because my photos and credits have disappeared. Now I can read "0 photos". I have been reading the FAQs and it says that the duration of the credits is valid for one year. However, my last purchase was made in July 2017 and the photos that I still have left have disappeared.


      I would like to know why and if there is a way to recover them?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

          Hi there


          If you cancel your subscription, you forfeit any unused images.  You would need to reactivate your subscription to recover them.


          From the FAQ: Common Questions about plans, purchasing, and availability, Adobe Stock


          What happens if I don’t use all my monthly licenses in a given month?


          With the three-asset/month plan, the 10-asset/month plan, and the 40-asset/month plan, your unused licenses roll over to the next month as long as your subscription is active. The rollover limit is 12 times your subscription entitlement; for example, a maximum of 120 assets roll over for the 10-asset/month plan. With larger subscription plans, including the 350-asset/month and 750-asset/month plans, unused licenses do not roll over.


          If I cancel my subscription, can I still use any unused licenses in my account?


          No. You can use your available licenses as long as your subscription is active, but you forfeit any unused licenses upon cancellation of your subscription.





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            supery Level 1

            Hello Bev:


            First of all thank you very much for your quick response.

            The fact is that at no time have I canceled my subscription.


            The subscription is annual and I have renewed it for several years, before it runs out. On the other hand I have reviewed my purchase history and they were made in July, so I do not understand that they have been exhausted before reaching the 12 months that you indicate.


            I hope you can clarify it to understand well the operation, and be able to recover my credits.


            Best regards.

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              Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

              Hi there


              The 3 image/month Stock subscription showing under your account was started in July 2017 & was an individual, month-to-month plan.  It renewed in August and September and was cancelled before the October renewal.


              I notice you also have a Creative Cloud for teams subscription, but your Stock subscription is separate from that.


              It should be possible to reactivate your 3 image/month Stock plan, if you wish.


              Kind regards



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