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    iFrame plays HTML Canvas animations slower in Safari

    Kieren Smith Level 1

      Hey All,


      Does anyone else experience slow playback when loading HTML canvas animations into iFrames within Safari? e.g. a banner ad?


      I have tested this within Safari on my computer and it only seems to be happening on my own computer... And It doesn't happen in Chrome or firefox.


      And the weird thing is when I click the animation in safari. The animation then speeds up and plays at normal speed. I'm wondering if there is some sort of idle thing happening within my safari that plays banners at a slower speed on purpose until I interact with it.


      This doesn't seem to happen on other machines I've tested on. And I've created banner ads using GWD as well, and those play at a normal speed within iFrames.


      If I open the index file in safari it plays normally, it's just when it's being loaded into iFrames.


      Anyone able to shed some light on this weird anomaly?


      Here is a link to the banner example loaded in an iframe: scrn Dashboard - (just pop your name and email address in to view the banner)


      *Update: I have also tested on iphone safari and chrome. Both chrome and safari are playing the Adobe CC banners slower until they have been interacted with. As soon as you touch the banner it speeds up in both Chrome and Safari on iOS devices.


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