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    How Do I Get Brushes Back?


      OK, ive had Photoshop CC for almost 3 years now. I found brushes I liked and don't like, like for textures. But, with this new 2018 update, its seems some of the brushes are no longer there. How do I get them back? All I see now is Kyle's brushes, when I really am not used to them. My brush that I love IS still there, I can use it for my eraser, which it wasn't like that before. I started on a piece with my brush, was almost done, and started adding in special effects. I switched to the eraser and switch back to the brush, but the brush type was different! I know what the brush looks like, so I keep pressing it to set my brush as it, but it keeps switching back to my eraser like its stuck on it! I don't know why this is happening, but I really just want my brush back.Capture.PNGThank You.