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    Photos change hue to overly red when opened in Bridge/Raw/Photoshop  Please look and please HELP


         red saturation.jpgI have attached a screenshot before it changed the one photo....like i said, right before my eyes the photos in thumbnail turn to that color. whether i open them or not. only time is doesn't happen is when i am viewing through windows explorer, but if i open it in any program it turn to this color as well. old, new edited or not and all file types are affected

      they finished images show up red in windows photo viewer as well, but when i edited them, months ago  they were not like this. I started going through old photos and it isn't doing it to all of them, or its not a noticeable. It is almost like when you save a jpeg on your camera with a raw file  and how the jpeg looks more saturated.

      I re calibrated my monitor, purged bridge, made sure i was still running RGB98.

      Does anyone know what is going on