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    Add ''handmade'' text


      Hello, I need to add like ''handmade'' text to a body of a person for a work I have to do. The idea is the people (free examples from internet) wrote the,selves on their chests things like ''freedom'', ''art'' ''free expression'' and stuff like that but I don't know how to do it. Can somebody help me please?


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          Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Use the brush tool or use a font that looks hand written.

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            tirijalito Level 1

            (im spanish btw) The problem is it seems so out of the place like it's obvious the text doesn't belong there

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              davescm Adobe Community Professional


              You could try something like this :


              1. Start with your image:


              2. Duplicate that image and ensure the copy is saved in 8 bit RGB mode and named something like DMAP (we will use it later)


              3. Create some text with the brush or text tool. I've just used a Lucinda handwriting font


              4. Convert the text layer to a smart object (right click in layers panel)


              5. Move the smart object with the text and position it over the image

              6. Use transform - Warp to bend the text to fit the shape of the underling image


              7. Right click on the smart object layer and add an inner glow


              8. With the text smart object selected go to Filter >Distort Displace and add a displacement map - when prompted for the map file use the DMap file we created at step 2


              Finally - change the blend mode of the text smart object (I used darker color) - and reduce opacity to make it sit - I used 39%



              I hope that gives you some ideas to get started


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                c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

                Did you check »Blend Interior Effects as Group« in the Blending Options?

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                  davescm Adobe Community Professional

                  c.pfaffenbichler  wrote


                  Did you check »Blend Interior Effects as Group« in the Blending Options?



                  No - in this case I left it unchecked



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                    c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

                    I think the lighter edge might not be advantageous in this case.

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                      davescm Adobe Community Professional


                      All just preferences and easily adjusted (I realise that you know that c.pfaffenbichler )



                      With the lighter edge :

                      Without :


                      With a darker "inner glow" (dark grey multiply instead of white and screen)


                      To the OP - the point of the technique I showed is that you can easily alter things like the glow afterwards to get the effect that you want, rather than religiously following settings



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                        Terri Stevens Adobe Community Professional

                        This is pretty similar to Dave's method with a slight variation

                        1) Take your starting image. Obviously the model is Trevor.Dennis the latest sensation of the catwalk.


                        2) Add some text and a hue/saturation layer so you can adjust the color to be that bluish hue tattooists use


                        3) Now warp the text.


                        Here I just used the 'Arc' preset.


                        4) And move it into place


                        5) At this point I decided the script font was too difficult to read and so just to demonstrate you can change the font at this late stage went for something completely outrageous


                        6) This is where I part company with Dave's method as I used the 'BlendIf' sliders to better integrate the design into the models skin. This is pure trial and error and the longer you spend experimenting the better the effect will be.


                        7) Computer fonts are far to sharp for this so I applied some 'Gaussian Blur' and did some further warping to get the effect below. Not the best thing I've ever done I must admit but hopeful along with Dave's method you get the idea


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                          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                          Obviously the model is Trevor.Dennis

                          Not even 50 years ago Terri