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    S.O.S Problem with 3D layer order

    liudasu63350250 Level 1



      After effects started to display 3d layers according to the layer order in the composition instead of z axis in space. For instance, the object that's farthest away from the camera is displayed in front of everything because it is in the top most layer.


      I have created a scene of an atom, with a credit card in the center, representing atomic nucleus and icons flying around it as electrons do. The problem is, that icons and a credit card overlap according to the layer order, instead of their actual position in 3d space. Everything looks messed up.


      I'm not sure if this is a bug or I'm missing something. I tried to switch between different renderers but It doesn't work. I have another less complex composition in the same project that doesn't contain this issue. Is there a setting somewhere that determines rendering order of 3d layers? !


      Thank you in advance!