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    Problems with NEF Files


      Hi all,


      I currently have Lightroom 4.1 and own a Nikon D3300. I tried importing my NEF files into Lightroom, but that file format wasn't supported. I downloaded the Adobe DNG converter and tried to convert the files, but it said that the "file could not be created."


      I have tried downloading multiple versions of the converter. I found the version that listed my specific camera model (8.4), but that converter didn't work. I also tried downloading the newest converter (10.1), but I received the same message.


      In addition, I am not able to find any updates to Lightroom 4.1 on the Adobe website; I am assuming this is because my program is so old at this point.


      I tried calling Adobe customer support, and was told that they can only help with Lightroom CC; my only option is to post here and hope someone has an answer.


      I realize that this is a Lightroom CC forum, but I also wasn't able to find a forum for the older programs.


      Any help or advice would be much appreciated!

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Is it possible that you used Nikon Transfer to download the images from your camera? Incidentally, that camera model requires at least Lightroom 5.4 in order to have direct support for the NEF files. If you intend to continue using Lightroom 4 then you will have to convert to DNG. If you did use Nikon Transfer, that is possibly the source of your difficulty. But there is a possible solution. Please verify.

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            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

            What kind of computer are you using?


            IIRC LR 4 got updated to 4.4.1 and is available for Windows from the link below.


            Download Photoshop Lightroom


            But as stated above if you used Nikon Transfer it could of corrupted the file so LR, or the DNG converter program, can't read it.


            If that is the case and you don't still have the images on the memory card for your camera then you will need to use Nikon software to convert the NEF files into TIFF files before you import into LR.


            If you are using that Nikon Transfer program you should stop using it.