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    Cannot save anything. Phantom save in que stuck at 20%


      A document I am working on had an issue while saving, so I cancelled the save and tried again. This time it was stuck at 0%. After some searching I followed some tips to move everything to a second document. When i tried to save the second document, it suddenly shows that it is saving 2 documents. The top one is the save that I cancelled for the other document. The 20% one cannot be cancelled and vanishes when i cancel the I actually want to save.


      The document is a little under 1GB, i have 50GB free on my scratch disk and several GB of ram free.


      This is CS6 on Windows 10.


      Here are photos of the file que: Imgur


      Edit: I should also mention that this is the second time I have encountered this exact issue. I managed to salvage some work by using the temp PSB file often made while the document is open.