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    DTM & Omniture tags on same site?


      Our company (company A) monitors the web analytics for our sister brands as well, and at a certain point in the user journey they travel into the application side/essentially cross domain. Our parent company (Company B) then sees the user finish the process in their Adobe Omniture set up (Different Omniture than Company A). I was wondering if we put our (Company A) DTM snippet on the application/cross domain side will it interfere with Company B's Adobe Omniture tag? I know you shouldn’t put more than one Omniture tag per site, but I’m wondering if a DTM tag in addition to an Omniture tag will cause the same issues (or if it matters that they are under 2 different registrations/contracts).

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          ericmatisoff Adobe Employee

          Hi Todd,


          The most important thing for you to consider is overwriting the s object on the site that has two Adobe implementations. You'll want to create an object with a name other than s (sParent, for example) so you can send data to Company A's implementation without interfering with Company B's implementation.


          Make sense?