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    Creating an HDR panorama?


      I have a panorama at sunset and as a result, the left side of my frame is far brighter than my right. I've created bracketed shots for the panorama and all is good for the source files.



      My typical workflow was all in lightroom:

      1) Create HDRs of each set of bracketed shots

      2) Merge the HDRs into a panorama



      This ends up losing the dynamic range when stitching the shots together. I tried going the other way, creating 3 panoramas (1 and each exposure bracket) but the resulting images are SLIGHTLY different dimensions and both LR+photoshop complain and say they can't be merged. And LR provides no method to crop the photo to a pixel value (that I'm aware of?). Plus, although I obviously haven't been able to merge them yet, I worry this could potentially lead to the most quality degradation as each pano stitch could have stitched/warped the photos inconsistently.



      Any ideas how to solve this problem?