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    Surface Book 2 Adobe Premiere Poor Performance

    mercymaddox Level 1

      I just got my new surface book 2 yesterday.. I have been doing all my video editing on my desktop for the past while, so I was quite excited when my new laptop came in and I could finally be mobile. In fact I was planning on using my laptop as my main system for video editing as my desktop is usually used as a system for gaming.


      Anyway so the laptop is performing like ****, I hope this is not the laptop but maybe a problem with the adobe software (I just dropped $2,600 on this seemingly piece of crap and I don't want to lose my money). For the first bit that I was using it, premiere was working just fine albeit with some stuttering which was surprising because I was working with 1080p footage and never had problems with 1080p previously. Now when I use Premiere, it opens regularly but once I load my project the gates of lag swing wide open, the program doesn't fully load, the slider at the bottom of the video timeline doesn't respond, I can't get through 5 seconds of video without heavy lag. Essentially all the systems in premiere are lagging, I can't even open the different tabs (Graphics, Effect, Audio, Color, etc.) because the program won't respond (And not in a "Not Responding" kind of may, more of a lag way). I don't really know how to describe my problem other than just a huge lag fest.


      This is extremely disappointing because not only was this laptop very expensive but it is marketed as one of the best pieces of hardware for creatives, and it is advertised specifically with adobe products. If there is any advice for me I will gladly take it, otherwise I think I am going to have to return this computer because it has only been one day and I am already massively disappointed with its performance.


      I have tried switching my computer to use Nvidia's high performance processor rather than the integrated graphics but that changed nothing. And for some reason windows made it so I can't choose a performance mode for my PC rather than a energy conservation or balanced setting.


      If nothing can be done, my advice to anyone looking at the surface book 2 for video editing would be stay as far away as you can, its a nightmare trying to edit on this thing.



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