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    LR mobile: Smartphones pictures are duplicated by importing them into the app/collection?


      Hello all,


      I have a general question regarding the LR mobile workflow because I realized how much space is actually used by the Lightroom app on my Android device.


      Let's have a quick reminder how LR works in a Desktop/Laptop environment: Our pictures stay where they are on our hard drive and much smaller JPG previews are rendered by LR in order to enable a smooth workflow. These previews are stored in (or aside) the LR catalogue.


      In the mobile environment it seems like the actual smartphone pictures are duplicated by importing them into LR mobile. Is that true? If so, this leads to some real issues in everyday use:

      1. Space is way more precious on a mobile device, so duplicates are not the way to go for me
      2. Deleting my pictures from the “camera roll” (or the Android equivalent) is not an option because of the features I’m going to miss out of (Live/motion pictures, way better sharing functionality, Google pictures features as google lens,…)


      I would be glad to hear about your experiences and if the behavior I’m seeing is intended. My current workaround is to use another cloud service to synchronize the pictures to my desktop, proceed with the normal import procedure and distribute the collections back to my smartphone – ridiculous. With this scenario I don’t
      really profit at all from my Creative Cloud subscription. 

      I’m thankful for any input!


      Best wishes