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    Internal error occurs whilst editing


      Hi there


      Can someone please help me, the following message appears/pops up right in the middle of my editing session:


      An internal error has occurred Lightroom_Fatal_SQLite_Corruption : : Database: /.........:: Error: database disk image is malformed :: SQL: SELECT * FROM Adobe_imageDevelopSettings WHERE id_local = ?


      I created a new catalog and edited about half of my photos when it indicated that there was an error and the catalog had to be repaired, however this option did not work and I couldn't open the catalog again and neither could it be backed up (there goes all my work). I created a new catalog and almost half way through it happened again. This time giving the message above, and still I can't access the new catalog as it gives me the same error messages again and neither did I have the time to back up.


      Can someone please advise on why this is happening. I selected my images on Photomecanic and copied the selected images from there onto my hard drive. I am not sure if this might be an issue but I have done it before and this is the first time it has happened.

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          Neox99 Level 4

          Where were/are the photos stored that you used PhotoMechanic to copy to your HD?

          When we troubleshoot we need precise, exact step-by-step details of what leads to a problem.


          I'd advise you make backups of those photos because your problem could be a hardware issue and I'd hate to see you lose them if the drive fails.


          Two competing softwares (Lightroom and PhotoMechanic) not playing nice.  Hummmm!