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    Restore color


      Hello,I'm new with Photoshop and I'm tweaking  photos to make a canvas for my kids. I want to turn a color to black n white yet restore parts of it.I went to adjustments, black n white, auto, clicked  white layer, set black as layer then brush history. Not working also a tool will not go away though I keep undoing that?

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Add the B&W Adjustment layer

          Paint in the layer mask with black to revel the colour

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            Theresa J Adobe Community Professional

            Did you do the adjustment as a layer adjustment? It’s not clear exactly what steps you did. If you added an adjustment layer it should look like Trevor’s screen shot.The white box on the right of the black and white adjustment is a mask. Black areas in the mask will block the adjustment. White areas reveal it. It sounds like you may have made the entire layer mask black, which would hide all of the b/w adjustment and return the image to color.

            If you made an image adjustment (not an adjustment layer), all of the pixels change and you can’t recover any of the color.

            Does this make sense?