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    Video card requirement question

    Johnrh76 Level 1

      im buying a computer to use premier pro, but wanted to confirm a Radeon a6 card is good enough to support it? it's not on the sites recommended card list for system requirements. But I thought since those cards are listed as reccomended, not required, this might be ok. Any opinions to help?



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          GermanTV Level 2

          If you want to be sure when something goes wrong that it is not your fault buy one of their suggested cards. I myself have never had an Adobe certified GPU and I have to admit, that I had some issues regarding GPU acceleration. But I had other issues independent from GPU accerlerated effects as well. So to this date I can not tell if all the issues I had depent on my actually good but not certified GPUs (e.g. GeForce GTX 1060). It's not that Premiere crashes all the time.  Seriouse issues reagard rendering something with with buggy results, e.g. that your output video looks slightyly different from what you've seen in Premiere's preview monitor or that what you've taken as a preview bug will also be seen in your rendered video. But normally there is a workaround for those issues which on the other hand isn't the most convinient way to go. In the last release of Permiere 2017.2 I had actually no issues at all, but I experience the opposit with the current release at the moment (See this thread: I love Premiere, but this is outrageous ... ). So I think it depends on different versions of Premiere as well. In summery: "any" GPU will do just to work in Premiere; there might be some minor bugs in the Preview image but Premiere will run smooth and stable in most cases today. But when it comes to rendering something with GPU accerleration you cannot rely that the results look as expected (e.g. slightly different opacity, black flashes; some versions ago I also had different saturation). But as I said: I'm not sure that those issues will go away with a certified GPU. I once got a general advice by Premiere Forum Guru Jim Simon to turn off the GPU accerlartion to get the expected result with a certain effect. So this is a strong indication that GPU accerleration in general works a little unpercise on certain tasks which in the end means: buy any GPU...


          I'm curiouse about your or other user experience on this question.