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    Alt+mouse wheel not zooming to cursor position


      Hey guys.


      Please help me figure out how to fix that when im trying to zoom to my cursor position via using ALT+MOUSE WHEEL it's just ignoring my cursor position and zooming to one point all the time.


      I know there is another hotkeys to zoom, but i like this method the most and it really saving me a lot of time, but now it's really annoying.


      Thank you.

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          Sahil.Chawla Adobe Employee

          Hi OlegAniskin,


          As Alt+Mouse wheel not zooming in, could you please let us know which version of Photoshop are you using? Also, which operating system are you working on?


          Could you try using a different mouse?
          Also, please let us know are you using a wireless mouse or a wired mouse?

          If it's a wireless mouse then try turning off the Bluetooth then turn it on again.
          If it's a wired mouse then try plugging it into a different port and see if that works.



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            OlegAniskin Level 1

            Hello, Sahil.Chawla


            Im using the latest version of photoshop CC 19.0 release. I also tryed to do same thing on my collegue computer, but result was same. IT IS ZOOMING, but in random point (not exactly random, just in one point and mouse pointer cant change anything, wherever it's placed), not where my cursor pointer is. This feature not working only in Photoshop. In Adobe XD it works well, just as in other Adobe programms im using.


            I'm using wired mouse, but my collegue using wireless. We both on Windows 10.


            Is there some new settings for this feature?


            Thank you.