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    Need help for making mockups


      Hi all!

      I need help, i want to know if have some chance to make wear mockups faster than save each of them by self.



      I have one PSD file with 5 tshirt colors and i use Smart Object with many designs inside, i open this Smart Object and switch each of designs by one by one, this is ok, but i need to make Action or some automation to save each color (this will be one design on each tshirt color), to make this at onece.

      If you know how, please, tell me how, because how i make it now its take so much time, each pic have design_nameNumber-shirt_color.extension and i save it with Shift+Ctrl+Alt+S as PNG.

      Maybe you can write PM if you know how to make this bit faster, or write to my email:  [Personal info removed by moderator - please do not post personal info on the public forum]


      Realy thanks!


      P.S. When i make many designs, than each day i need to place it on wears, this take couple of days and each day about ~1500 images, this is hard