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    Need help on Flex, Apache and ColdFusion

      I'm a newbie on Flex and ColdFusion. I have made my Flex web using Apache&MySQL on Xampp. But after I made it I just know that Flex Data Services dont work on Apache or IIS so I try to configure coldfusion. I dont know what to do now but when I search on internet people say configure xampp on coldfusion. I have configure my apache on coldfusion. At the end of the configuration, it told me to use localhost:80/CFIDE/administrator/index.cfm to access the admin page. Is this mean my apache and cold fusion has already integrated? I have moved my flex application to xampp/htdocs/ and everything work fine include the database as if i use only xampp. I choose xampp/htdocs/ as my web root while configuring my xampp on coldfusion.

      I also need to make a credit card validation in my web. I'm confused what to do with the web service how to configure flex and coldfusion web services. Can you help me with that? What to do? How I start it?

      For your information, I'm a student university at my last year doing my final project. I'm making a web for cinema with online payment ticket. That's why I need to use FDS, webservice and coldfusion. I'm very interested on RIA but I found out that I'm still lack of knowledge and skill to implement this. I hope you can help me. Thank you so much.