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    Question AEM install

    patrickpai Level 1

      Good morning


      New to AEm, and i'm playing around the install files for this software and i found 2 i think (from the LWS):

      1. JBOss_all_win

      2. QuickStart.jar


      My first question is this: is JBOSS install used for JEE and Quickstart for OSGI?


      If that's the case, that's fine, then i'm just curious, 2nd question is:

      Which of the 2 is the one to install?

      (I saw a quick checklist on that somewhere on the Adobe site, but since i'm new, i didn't really get perhaps what was said, so in layman's terms, what should i be asking myself when trying to choose between the 2?)


      Thank you so much for the clarifications