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    Problems with AI CC SDK 2018 and LinkDataFilter

    bunny351 Level 1



      We currently switched to AI 2018 and use the current SDK (CC2018). While trying to export a layer

      as a PNG the "LinkDataFilter" method from the AIDataFilter suite fails with kDataFilterError

      ("DFER") for no understandable reason. This is on Windows 7, VS2017. Note that this worked

      fine with earlier versions of the SDK and Visual Studio. It also works without problems on MacOS.

      As I understand it the "creator" and "type" Arguments to "NewFileDataFilter" are MacOS

      specific, so I assume that those have nothing to do with the actual problem.


      Has someone experienced a similar problem? Could this be a problem with the SDK?

      Any hints on what we could try out? Here the code:



          AIDataFilter *filter = 0, *dstfilter = 0;
          ai::FilePath path(ai::UnicodeString(fname.toStdString()));
          err = sAIDataFilter->NewFileDataFilter(path, "write", 'prw', 'PNGf', &filter);
          if(err) return err;
          err = sAIDataFilter->LinkDataFilter(dstfilter, filter);
          if(err) return err;    // <-- this fails with err == 'DFER'

      Any help would be much appreciated.