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    End of Life Support for Adobe Flash Player. How to play video in PDF? How to embed video in PDF?

    teamm66160096 Level 1

      Hi Adobe Acrobat community,


      My business use case: Embed videos into PDFs.


      Issues: No more Adobe Flash Player Support in 2020.


      According to Adobe Blog, Flash & The Future of Interactive Content | Adobe Blog,Adobe has decided to terminate its support for flash player. Will Adobe Acrobat Professional DC continue to support the embedding of videos?


      According to the following sources


      1) jeromiec83223024 ,your fellow colleague from Flash development team, has explained to me that I can embed H.264 videos in Acrobat PDF provided Acrobat PDF has native support for H.264 playback. Please confirm whether the H.264 playback is available for Acrobat Professional DC 2017 ?(See End of Life Support for Adobe Flash Player. How to play video in PDF  for details)


      2) Add audio, video, and interactive objects to PDFs in Adobe Acrobat  has also suggested that I can embed H.264 videos.


      But I have verified that cannot embed video files via Acrobat "add media"-"add video" function. Acrobat will prompt me with an error message and prompt to install flash player to embed video.


      Hence, please verify the following:


      1) Does Acrobat professional DC 2017 has native support for H.264 playback

      2) Does Acrobat professional DC 2017  allow user to embed H.264 video without the need to install flash player

      3) Why Acrobat does not automatically realign the text within a paragraph whenever I add a new line of text? Say I have 3 paragraphs of text that occupy the entire page. I expect Acrobat to push down the 2nd and 3rd para when I type in additional text in the 1st para. Please advise.


      Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.