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    sos  [Print colour issue]

    brian walterc74189718

      when printing a night photo in Photoshop cc i get a slight tint on the print does anyone know why@

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          davescm Adobe Community Professional

          You haven't given us much to go off.


          Tinting of prints in comparison to what you see on screen could be due to many things including:

          1. The monitor profile is not reflecting the actual colours that your monitor shows - so your image does have a tint but the monitor is not showing it

          2. The monitor not set up for the viewing conditions (prints are viewed by reflected light which itself will be a certain ccolour

          3. Wrongly set up printer (i.e. wrong media selected in the driver)

          4. Incorrect color profile selected in Photoshop for that printer /paper combination

          5. Printer not set up exactly in the way the profile was made

          6. Double profiling i.e. asking Photoshop and the printer to manage colour


          Colour management including monitor set up and profiling, correct use of print profiles and print viewing conditions are all designed to bring you to a close match.



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            brian walterc74189718 Level 1

            Thank you for your reply ,but I think I have a problem I hope you will help me with. I get an embedded profile mismatch message popup when I put a photo  into Photoshop .My settings are as follows

            Colour matching, working space,RGB adobeRGB1998, CMYK coatedfgraa.39{iso12647-2: 2004}, GRAY gray gamma 2.2,spot dot gain20%, Clourmanagement policies,RGB reserve embedded policies,

            CMYK CONVERT TO WORKING CMYK,Gray preserve to embedded profiles,OTHER 3 boxes all have a tick in them. Conversion options,engine ADOBE ,INTENT relative colourmatic, the 3 boxs below are all ticked

            Also a tick in preview. ADVANCED CONTROLS, Blend text colours using Gamma 1.45.

            I would be very Grateful if you can shed some light on this.

            THANK YOU.


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              D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The mismatch warning has nothing to do with color casts in your prints. See Dave's points above, and provide screenshots of the Print dialog in Photoshop, and the relevant sections of your printer driver dialog (this is what opens when you click "Print Settings").


              I always advise people to just disable that "profile mismatch" warning. It doesn't tell you anything remotely useful, it's just an annoyance.


              Set all policies to "Preserve Embedded Profiles". This is the only sensible setting except for some very special purposes, where you really need to know what you're doing to avoid getting into trouble. "Preserve" is the default for very good reasons.


              With this setting, the embedded document profile will always override the working space. As it should - the embedded profile is there for a reason. So you don't need the warning. Just leave the document profile as it is.


              It's important to understand that color management always requires two profiles, a source and a destination. The document profile is what it is, that's what defines the file. Then this profile needs to be converted into a print profile for print, and a monitor profile for screen. If all profiles are good, the two should match.