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    Java script is not active for PNG

    Igor Sulim

      Hello, guys!


      I have very good animation with well-working interactive parts.

      All the things work well, but I can not fix one problem. I want to use .png in HTML5 technology as symbol (pb or movie clip) with JS.

      As soon as i put any graphics to already working vector Pb (with working code) it stops be active at all.

      I can't press it and all of my animations stops. Code works perfectly only if I use vector graphics. As soon as I add even .png dot - stop working.


      For .swf file with AS3 it works perfect - no problems.


      So, can you tell me what's the problem?

      How can I add JS to symbol with .png and force it to work well?

      I don't want use vector graphics as it decreases FPS significantly, I need to create .png animation (let MC move one side by click and other side by another click).


      Here are .png file which I want to animate.Procedure.png


      Thank you so much for your help!


      With best regards, Igor.