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    gimme my money back!


      how on earth is there a company that charges as much as they do for a product that does not live in the physical worlds ,and you purchase from a nonline source not have a real properly functioning customer service!?!?! this is absolutely inappropriate for a company this large to behave this way. I have been trying to get my CC' subscription refunded as my job paid for it a day after I ordered it ,a and there is no way to speak to anyone about canceling my subscription. I dont want to wait on the phone, I dont want to wait for a chat that WILL NEVER CONNECT ( ive tried 4 times), I just want to send a message or email and get a response. Is this really too much to ask??!?!? If there was another software suit that was marginally better aI would drop adobe like a sack of hammers.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Other users in this public forum can't help


          To Cancel https://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/help/cancel-membership.html

          -or reply #1 in https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2023066 - includes Mon-Fri Chat link


          Do be aware than an early cancel comes with a fee

          -Subscription Terms https://www.adobe.com/misc/subscription_terms.html

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            stussycan Level 1

            Yeah, that ^ is not the correct answer. for anyone else with this problem of getting ahold of anyone at adobe, call this number, 800 833 6687. I had to go through different problems that I dont actually have in order to finally find a phone number to call. Cause if you follow adobes prompts for account issues like this, all you get is a chat window to chat live with someone that never shows up and never helps you. I phoned that number, just had my account canceled, and all previous payments refunded. I have never been so appalled by such poor customer service In my life.

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              KanikaS Adobe Employee

              HI Stussycan,


              We're glad that you were able to get the subscription cancelled and also got the refunds for the same. Also, at the same time, we apologize for the inconvenience you faced while trying to connect the support team.

              Our team is already working on the call wait.


              Feel free to reach out to us for more questions.




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                stussycan Level 1

                Hi Kanika, there is no work to be done, its already been done by thousands of other businesses. It looks like this: "support@adobe.com" you type that into your email client, than your problem in the subject line and the detail in the body window, and off it goes. than on adobes own time you answer the question, and your customers don't have to sit and wait on the phone, or for a "live chat" that will never start and has no indicator that it is even working and some MIGHT connect with you. and if your scared to use an email address like almost every other company out there, you can take the more annoying but still better than what you got route, and have a message window on your site that I can write my problem in an have some one respond later. Who do you think in the design world has time to just sit on hold waiting for there software problem to get fixed? or not fixed. the way it looks like right now is that Adobe is this huge king in an unreachable tower, and all the customers are serfs giving you there money, but if there is a problem, dont even try to speak to the ll all mighty Adobe King! how dare you even try!?