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    Resizing pictures


      I followed a long to a previous question/answer, however did not help. I need to resize my photos to W: 1,128 H: 635   pixels. and  Resolution: 72 Pixels per inch, however I don't always get results I need. Half time photos change to dimensions I want, other half of time they do not.


      This is what I have been doing....

      Drag photos I need to resize off saved folder to Lighthouse classic, click import, select all, click export, export to hard drive, complete info including the size I need,  then "Export", photos load to desktop folder.


      I need to upload these photos to variety of website in a timely manner at the right size. Please help. Thank you.

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Do all the image you resize have that aspect ratio?    A wide 1128:635 aspect ration is not a standard aspect ratio.  Most images would first need to be cropped the that aspect ratio  the resized.  Of you could try content aware resize but there will be some distortion.  What is lighthoues classic? resolution is meanngless on the web. The number of pixels is what is inportany on the web.  You are posting in a Photoshop forum. An image 1128px by 635px is quite laye for the web an image that size will not fit on many displays.

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            Katie Houghton Adobe Community Professional

            Try this

            1. Make a document with: W: 1,128 H: 635   pixels. and  Resolution: 72 Pixels per inch
            2. Drop the images in as smart objects or make them into smart objects after you place them into Photoshop
            3. Then when you resize the images to fit you can keep them contained (may have to crop) and if you have to resize them up or down you still have the original image within the smart object. (try to keep resizing up to a minimum) Not to mention you have one Photoshop file with all your resource files for output.
            4. File>Export>Layers to Files or
              Right click on the selected layers and choose Export
              Right click on the selected layers and choose Quick Export as PNG
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              davescm Adobe Community Professional


              You can easily crop and export as a batch in Lightroom.


              First set up an Export preset (In File Export) at the dimensions you require and enter the location where you want the exported files to go


              Second set up a custom crop preset in the aspect ratio you need. In your case 1128 x 635 = 16:9 so you can use the existing 16:9 preset



              Then the workflow is

              1. Select the images you want to crop and export in the grid or filmstrip

              2. Apply the crop to the first

              3. Press Sync and choose Aspect Ratio


              4. Quickly run through each image to see if you need to adjust the crop

              5. Ensure all the required images are still selected and go to File Export and click your preset to export them


              The crop in Lightroom is not destructive so you can remove it and apply a different crop later if you need to.



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