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    Can I realize this app with AIR?

      I´m planning an AIR app which manages your local pics. And there should be a connection to an online picture-database. The local app should display pics from your pic-folders, read data (height, width, resolution...) from pics and display them in different views. Other information like category, description etc. should be stored in a local database.
      My question is: Is this possible with AIR? I´m not sure if I can have a local user administration and an online connection to a pic-community, search there and display the pics in my app. Also I´m not sure which technique I should use: Flex/Flash or HTML/JavaScript.
      I would be very happy if anybody has some good ideas or links - thanks a lot!
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          Dr. Fred Mbogo
          It shouldn't be hard, as long as you stick to picture formats that Flash reads natively: JPEG, PNG, and GIF. You have similar limits with the HTML/JS path, due to the embedded WebKit browser.

          You can write code to read other formats, but the interpreted nature of the languages involved will make your application run very slowly. There's a lot of competition among picture browsing applications right now, and one of the key differentiators is speed. A slow picture viewer will sink into obscurity unless it offers some very special features.

          Personally, I'd go the Flex/Flash route, due to the more powerful programming environment.